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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

New Years Eve Nail Tutorials.


Hello Everyone, 

Welcome back, Today I'm sharing two videos for new years eve and new years!

Both nail designs are in Polygel. The first one is this beautiful clock design with clock parts, caviar beads, and some foils on stiletto tips. I love this design and you can also do this by adding a background color before placing the clock parts. I personally wanted clear tips so I didn't add any color. I also used some stickers for the lines and the champagne cup.

You can watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

The second video is this beautiful colorful nails done with poly gel.

I used the Poly Gel from the Brand Savilan for the colors and the clear one is from Bettles.

                             This nail art design is so easy and can be used for many ocacions.

I used universal tips from Not Polish.

 I hope you enjoy these nail designs and subscribe to my youtube channel for more videos and nail tutorials. I have more videos coming. 

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

Friday, December 25, 2020

Testing PolyGel kit de ModelOnes.

 Hello Everyone!! 

In today's video, we try the ModelOne Poly Gel Kit. They were so kind enough to send me this kit for me to try it. The kit comes with a mini UV lamp, Slip solution, top coat, base coat, glitter, rhinestones, pink polygel, clear polygel, polygel brush with a spatula, and a nail file. Everything you will need to do polygel nails.

I really enjoy working with this kit. The lamp cures quickly the poly gel and it works fantastic and the poly gel is very easy to blend. I see using this poly gel and some of the products on other nail tutorials.

This is the look I did,  this will be the final Christmas nail tutorial for my channel. I will start doing the party nails and more videos. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!!

See the video in English

See the video in Spanish

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Plaid Nails. Stickers and Foils.

Hello Everyone, 

Today's video is a simple and short nail tutorial. I do plaid nail design with foils, stickers, and the sweater nail effect. 

I used foils, stickers, Gel Pain in white and red, and some deer decoration.

I also used Not Polish matte -its top coat.

I hope you enjoy this shot nail tutorial. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos.

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Gonk With Poly Gel.

 Hello everyone!

 I'm sharing this Christmas nail tutorial. I decided to do some Candy Cane, glitter, and a Gonk.

Before this video, I didn't know what a gonk was until I research it. According to google

 " Noun. gonk (plural gonks) A small furry toy like an ersatz teddy bear, popularized in wartime when production of real teddies stops. A stupid, ignorant, and/or boorish person. (New Zealand, military, slang) Asleep; a nap".Gonks are inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology. ... An old Nordic tradition involves leaving out a bowl of porridge during the winter solstice, so that the gonk may feast and join in the festivities.

So, I decided to use only poly gel to do this nail tutorial. I used a variety of brands from Gel Polish like Beetles, Morvan, Polimer Gel, and AcryGel. I also used another brand for the colorful poly gel and it was great and it blended fantastically. I have to say my favorites are Beetles, Moravan, and the other colorful brand. The AcryGel from Walmart was hard to blend, the polymer gel from amazon leaves like some bubbles in the nails and the other one from amazon that I try didn't even come out of the bottle. I don't think I added to the video but I will do a story on Instagram about it.

The glitter looks perfect. While doing these nails I realized that I can also do the half-smile with the Poly Gel in nude color and it looks great. As long as the poly gel is blendable like the brand Bettles and Moravan you can create a lot of things with poly gel.

This video was added to my new series of Poly Gel. Make sure you check my Youtube Channel and subscribe for more.

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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Young Nails Inc Mystery Box 2020.

 Hello Everyone!

In today's video, I shared my Young Nails Mystery Box 2020. I personally don't have anything from the Young Nails Inc brand, so I thought this was a great way to get some things from the brand and give it a try. So according to the brand, this mystery box is valued at $500 and I only paid $100. On the video, I break down each price for all products so you guys can have an idea of how much it is in the bag.

The box included things like Hand Sanitizer, 7 Loose Glitter, 8 small foils in jars, 10 jars of small acrylic powder, acrylic monomer,  5 acrylic powders in full size, 2 gel syringe gel jars, one syringe gel, 5 regular nail polish, protein bond, and a stamping kit. Everything was perfect and I'm really happy with everything that came in. I was surprised about the regular nail polishes been part because people now prefer gel polish.

Tell me what you think? have you try the Young Nails brand? and of course, you want me to use any of these products in a video? 

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish.

Friday, December 18, 2020

The Grinch Nail Art.


Hello Everyone, 

For today's video, I decided to do the famous Grinch. I personally have never watched any movies of the Grinch the only thing I know is that he likes to do bad things during Christmas lol. This nail art was easy to create and in my video, on YouTube, I show you guys how you can create this nail art step by step.

I mainly used gel polish and gel paint.

- Bettles Gel Polish in color green and white.
-Wish Gel Paint EzFlow for the black, green, yellow,  and red.
- Nail sticker for the dog and the other grinch stickers.
- Not Polish Top Coat Closing it.
- Enailcouture cuticle oil.
- Green fine glitter is from Michael's it came in a set.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial and subscribe to my youtube channel for more.
It was very easy nothing hard to do. LWeave any comments if you have any I will be answering them.

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Snowman Nail Tutorial With ModelOnes Acrylics.

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome back, For today's nail tutorial I'm sharing a snowman design and some nail art. First of all, a huge thank you to ModelOnes for providing the products for this nail tutorial, they were kind enough to send me out three kits 2 of them acrylic and one in Poly Gel that I will be reviewing soon on my YouTube Channel. 

This kit came with five acrylic powders but I only used two for this set.  I also used some snow flakes that I purchased from another website and of course some colorful polygel for the snowman. I also have a video on my Youtube Channel showing you guys step by step how to do this snowman.

During this nail tutorial, you guys will be able to see on the video how I struggle with some of the acrylic brushes I try to use. I didn't use the brush that came with the kit because it was not a good quality you will be able to see in the video how the bristles started to lose the colors. Then I used another acrylic brush and this was is 100% kolinsky per the website where I purchased but it was a disaster as well. So I end up using the Not Polish #11 that came in the mystery box that it is 100% Kolinsky and it worked amazing.

I hope you enjoy this nail tutorial, subscribe for more..

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Watch Spanish Video 

Monday, December 14, 2020

ModelOnes Acrylics.Santa Claus Nails | 3d Poly Gel Santa.

 Hello everyone,

For today's video, I want to share this beautiful Christmas nail tutorial with you guys. I also would like to give a big shoutout to ModelOnes for the support and the opportunity of been part of their brand. Modelone sent me a few of their acrylic powders and a poly gel kit as well for me to try, so you guys see these videos coming soon.

So, To start describing this nail tutorial, let's start with the products. 

- Medium size tips coffin nails.
- ModelOnes Acrylic Powder in red #32 I'm bossy.
- Model One Acrylic Powder clear with white glitter.
- Model One Acrylic Liquid Monomer.
- Model One Glue Gel.
- White Gel Paint.
- Libra Lab Liner Brush.
- White and Red Poly Gel
-Not Polish top Coat.

One, curious thing that I have never try and was inspired to try was using Poly Gel as a 3D.
Because Poly Gel is perfect since you can work it around as you want and move it and then cure it when you are happy. So I highly recommend trying 3D with Poly Gel.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you are not for more video content coming.

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Nail Art | Red Glitter Nails with Mesh Foils.

Hello Everyone, 

For Today's nail tutorial I wanted to share this beautiful Christmas red glitter nail tutorial with mesh foils. Very easy to do and I explain step by step.

Products I used to archive this look.

- Medium Tips Stilettos.
- ModelOnes Shiny Glitter Gel.
-Mesh Foils.
-Red Foils.
- Not Polish Top Coat.
- Dear Charm.
- Builder Gel.

This nail art was very easy, the only part that was a little hard was gluing the mesh foil into the nail. I try to use glue but didn't work as well. So I end up using a builder gel and holding the foil mesh with a clip that is used for Poly Gel to hold down the mesh foil in order to cure it. I cure it for 1 minute.

I hope you enjoy the video, It is on my youtube channel step by step.

Don't forget to subscribe for more videos.

Watch the video in English

Watch the Video In Spanish

ModelOne Acrylic. Frozen Winter Nail Tutorial.


Hello everyone,

Welcome back, for today's nail tutorial is going to be a very easy winter crystal design. Using products from Modelones. Modelones was kind enough to send me the acrylic powders for review.

For this tutorial, I used the following.
- Stilleto Tips.
- ModelOnes Acrylic Powder.
- Modelones Acrylic Monomer.
- ModelOnes Gel Glue.
- Plastic Wrap.
- Foil Glue.
- Christmas Foils.
- Snow Flakes Rhinestones.
- Different glitter mixes. ( Video is on my YouTube when I mix all the glitters).  

This tutorial was very easy to do. Modelones acrylic Powder blend so well. and the  Acrylic Monomer is a slow setting but it didn't take a lot to dry. Modelones have their own website where you can find kits and a lot of their products including polygel at very affordable prices.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial and subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos. If you have any questions please leave it in the comment section and I will be answering them.

To view the video in English

To view the video in Spanish

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Nails

Hello Everyone, 

Today I started my Christmas Nails Tutorials! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial it was very easy to do and I explain step by step on the video how to 

archive this design. 

I used only gel polish from the brand Beetles. I use the base coat from the same brand.
So I started with some medium square tips and did a thin base coat of the Beetles base foundation and paint the rest of the nails.

Then, I use a top coat to add the snowflakes in gold and white. I used a snow globe sticker and added the base part with some black gel paint from the brand Red Iguana. On the same nail, I added Sprinkle on glitter in snow cone from the brand Kiara Sky. And use the topcoat from the brand Not Polish. 

The Big Ornaments Sticker is from the Hobby Lobby Christmas section and it is in 3D.  Of course, I had to encapsulate this sticker but at the same time, I used a clip that is for Poly Gel and it worked great.
The clip is super important because it will hold down the sticker while it cures and then I repeat the same step in the other side. Now, because I used the clip it will leave a line because is the clip dent that created while curing.  Then, I used a hand file to file the sides and my drill to file the encapsulation and the lines. And this created a perfect surface and very hard to tell it is an ornament sticker.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial.. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos!!

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Monday, December 7, 2020

Not Polish Mystery Pack 2020

 Hello Everyone!

Today' I shared with you guys my Mystery Pack from the brand Not Polish. I personally only own two things from the brand the Glossi -it Top Coat and the Matte- it Top Coat and I like them a lot. Think by buying the Mystery pack was the perfect way to try other things from the brand and a good deal. So I took advantage of it and purchased the large pack.

They did have a variety of options but I thought that if I purchased the Large one there were more chances for me to get the acrylic powder and the things that I really wanted to try from the brand. And I have to say I'm very happy with my package everything I wanted is in it and more. 

 Here is the list of the products that came in the Mystery Pack and the regular price and the ones that are on sale now.

Universal tips $ 18 currently on sale $15

 2 - In - 1 Powder M92 Spring Latte $25 on Sale $20

 2 - In - 1 Powder M23 Soft Peach   $25 on Sale $20

#19 Cherry Dip It powder $25 on sale $13

#98 – Coral Reefs (DIP-IT POWDER ONLY) $25 on sale $13

#18 – Dusty Rose (DIP-IT POWDER ONLY) $25 on sale $13

 2 - In - 1 Powder 174 – Mystic White $20

Dip - it Sugar Effect Retails $25 Currently on sale $13 

Timeless Art Gel box set $150 sale for $90 (Individual $9)

Spider Gel box set $70 on sale for $50 ( not on sale $11.60 , on sale $8.33

Super Diamond Gel Glue $25 sale for $20

Zebra File  pack of 8 $32

Acrylic brush #10 $42 on Sale 35

C-305 Berry Treasure $30 sale $25

4 stickers $5 each $15 total.

Crystals  were part of a mystery bag on their website $180 currently on sale $100

Butterflies sequins and starts were not on website ( probably a free gift with purchase)

Matte-it Gel Top Coat $15 on sale $13

Triple X Bonde $13

Gloss-it Top Coat $15 Sale $13

M61 Midnight Run Duo $15 Currently on Sale $12

In conclusion, I think this is the perfect way to buy a few things from the brand if you always wanted to try it like myself. I'm very happy with everything in my mystery pack.  What you guys think? have you try Not Polish brand?

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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Sweater Nails

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving. For today's video, I did the Sweater Nails. It was very easy to do.

I used full-size medium coffin tips. The base coat is from the brand beetles.
First I put a thin layer of the base coat and cured in the lamp for 60 seconds.

Then I selected my colors, All these Gel Polish colors are from the Beetles fall collection.
I pain the nails with two coats and cured in the lamp for 60 seconds and clean the stickiness with a free lent wipe with alcohol. And Used a Matte Top Coat from the brand Not Polish and cure it in a lamp for 60 seconds.

Once all cured I used the same Gell Polish with a brush liner brush to do the design. For this design, you can do any type of design, lines curves, circles, x, dots, or whatever you want. Once I was happy with the design I throw some clear acrylic on it and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds.

Put some cuticle oil without touching the nail tip and our Sweater nails are done.
Let me know what you think. I think they came out looking beautiful. If you have any questions or suggestions for videos please leave them in the comment section. Thanks for visiting my blog. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see more videos!!

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Watch the Spanish Video.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Dragon Nails

 Hello Everyone!!

 Welcome back! for today's video it is very simple and easy but at the same time elegant and beautiful. I hope you all enjoy it.

I have been waiting to do the Dragon nails for a while now but I didn't have the stickers and the perfect nude color. I finally got all the material needed and record it for you guys.

This is pretty simple and easy. First, pick your favorite Gel nail polish in my case I selected Note to myself from China Glaze. Second, buy the stickers and last have a good top coat.

The red lines were done with a paint pot of red gel polish. You can also do it with gel polish or acrylic paint.

This is full stiletto tips as well. Very easy to put them with a base coat and cure in lap for 60 seconds.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial. Subscribe for more videos!! feel free to leave questions in the comment sections!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Poly Gel 101 with MOROVAN Poly Gel Kit.

Hello Everyone,

Today's video is a video that I really wanted to do for a while. In this video, I show you guys how I use Poly Gel, and the different ways I apply the poly gel. I also shared with you guys which ones are my favorites and which ones are my least favorites and why.  The poly gel kit is a kit that I purchased from Amazon and I really loved it. The poly gel blended so easily. The only thing was that the colors were not as accurate as their names. The brown one was more of a dark pink and the nude one was more of a lighter pink. The only accurate one was color milk.

All the methods that I talked on the video were the following: 

1- Poly Gel on top of the nail.

2- Nail-tip glued with normal glue or with the base coat.

3- Using Dual Forms or nail forms.

4- Lazy Girl Methods.

I hope the video helps you understand the different methods that poly gel has. Some of the methods are easy, I think that the hardest one is the lazy girl method since you will have to control the portion of the poly gel in the tip or the due form. I think that practice, practice is the key.

The kit was very easy to manage and blend. The slip solution was great no issues at all. I definitely recommend this kit. If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments. I will be answering them.

To see the video in English:

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