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Monday, July 27, 2020

MODELONES. Product Review with Nail tutorial.

Hello Everyone,

Today's video is going to be a review of the product Modelones poly gel kit. I bought this kit on Amazon for $22.99. It comes with Base Coat, Top Coat, Slip Solution, 36PCS dual forms, poly gel bush, 1 file, instructions, 1 clear poly gel, and one light apricot color poly gel.

      Product Review:

  • The Poly Gel was easy to blend.
  • The Poly gel colors were cute.
  • The top Coat and the Base coat did a good job.
  • The only problem was the Poly Gel Slip Solution.
  • The Poly Gel tube is a good size. You, Will, have plenty of uses.
  The major issue was the slip solution other than that the kit is really good.
Why the slip solution was an issue?  because as I used it created bubbles and white marks.
 In the following pictures on the left is me using normal alcohol 70% on the right is using the MODELONES slip solution.  The difference is obvious. Look at those white marks. You will be to see this in my video. I try to be fair with the kit and try it with my alcohol and it works amazing. So, don't use the slip solution that comes with the kit and you will do great. 

 Left 70% Alcohol.
 Right MODELONES Slip Solution.

Overall I think the kit is good and it is a great kit to try poly gel because the quality of the gel is really good and it blends very smoothly.  Here are pictures of the nails I did using this kit. It will also be on the product review video.

I used Butterfly foils that I purchased from Amazon.
Remember all the products that I used and all the links 
will be in the description box of the video.

Full Light VS Low Light.

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Here is the video enjoy!! 
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