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Monday, August 31, 2020

Milky Flower Nail Tutorial

Hello Everyone, 

Today's video I decided to do a milky nail tutorial using dry flowers.

For this nail tutorial, I used my favorite Poly Gel. The beetle poly gel. I bought it on Amazon and it came in a kit with dark pink, light pink, clear and white poly gel. With a nail file, buffer, and a few nails forms.

I decided to use coffin tips and stiletto tips for this tutorial to make it look different.

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English Video:

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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fun Nails at home!

Hello Everybody,

Today's video is very easy and fun one. No need for acrylic or gel.

You can easily do this tutorial at home with gel nail polish or with regular polish.

I used some coffin tips and Gel nail polish from the brand Beetles. I bought them on Amazon.

I also used some LV Foils that were not cooperating with sticking to the foil gel. I used Not Polish Transfer Foil Gel. 

I cured the gel polish for about 60 seconds in my Kiara Sky Lamp same with the Gel transfer foil.

You can also, not cure the design and add glitter and then cure it in the lamp.

I hope you all enjoy this easy and fun nail tutorial and subscribe for more videos on my YouTube Channel.

English Video:

Spanish Video

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Butterfly Nail Tutorial

Hello Everyone!!

For Today's video, I decided to do a butterfly nail tutorial with light and dark pink poly gel from the brand beetles. I also used some butterfly decorations as well. I hope you all enjoy the picture and the video. Subscribe if you are not, I have a lot of content coming to my YouTube Channel. As always a list of products used for this nail tutorial can be found in the description box of my video.

video In English

Video in Spanish

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Summer Nail Tutorial

Hello everyone! 
Welcome again to my blog. For today's nail tutorial I decided to do a summer nail tutorial. This time I wanted to do one that reflects vacations and paradise. I really enjoy doing this nail tutorial I hope you guys like it as well. All the information about the products is in the description box of my YouTube Video. 

With this tutorial, I try a brand that I haven't tried before the Gloss it topcoat and the Foil transfer glue from the brand Not Polish and I have to admit I was very happy and impressed. 
The topcoat was very shinny and the Foil Transfer glue was very easy to transfer the foil.

The beautiful mermaid foils are from Desire Glam System Nail Supply.
I have purchased before from this company and prices are really good and the shipping is fast.

The Nail Stickers and Decorations as well are from Desire Glam System Nail Supply.

The stickers were very easy to put on the nail and I like them because they are very transparent where you don't see the line of the sticker or they don't look like it is a sticker put on the nail and I really like the natural look.

Feel free to leave any comment or questions  I will be answering them.
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Engish Video

Spanish Video.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Kiara Sky Lamp Unboxing and Review.

Hello everyone!!

For today's video, we are going to do an unboxing of the  Kiara Sky Beyond Pro Rechargeable LED Lamp Version II in color pink and The Beyond pro flash cure LED lamp. I was looking for a lamp because I had a very old one since 2010 that because is old it was not curing the new gel polishes or the poly gel and I also have one from Amazon that it was curing the gel polishes but it was taking longer but it was working and doing the job. So, I started to read reviews and doing my research and decided to go with this one. I was in between the one from Young Nails or Kiara Sky. I decided to purchased the Kiara Sky because of the LED Light placement which is really important to me.

Features ( From Kiara Sky Website)

  • Cordless & rechargeable power system
  • NEW Interchangeable battery! (replacement batteries sold separately)
  • NEW Extended battery life! (Lasts up to 30% longer)
  • High capacity and easy to change the battery.
  • Powered by NEW LG technology with high-quality reflection cups and chip-scale technology to optimize curing and no dead zones.
  • Motion sensor activation
  • Built-In handle for convenient mobility
  • Removable stainless steel tray. Easily sanitizable and perfect for pedicures.
  • Custom preset cure time 15, 30, 60, and optional 90sec low heat feature.
  • NEW Quiet, sleek, and modern design.
  • Acetone resistant
  • On/off feature for manual start and stop
  • LCD display timer with countdown
  • 48 watts max
  • 1-year warranty

 In this picture below we can observe how wide it is the entrance of the lap and that it has LED lights on the side as well.

Now, we can observe the light placements on these pictures. Very important because the way the lights are placed it will help cure the gel polish faster and do a perfect job. Versus other lamps that have the LED lights all over the place. In the video, I show you guys how my hand is covered fully by the LED lights because of the good placement of the lights.

Now, let's talk about the back part. This is the reason why I will give this light a 9 out of 10. Because the settings are in the back, so if you are using the lamp for yourself you will have to reach back to see what setting you are going to use. I think the lamp is more design for salon used because you will be able to position the lamp towards the client and then you can control the settings because they will be facing you. I think the screen part where it shows the count down of secs or what setting you are I think it should have been placed in the front of the lamp so you can see it if you are working in your own nails, not on the back.

The light is very lightweight, is rechargeable which is perfect, the handle allows you to carried everywhere. Make sure you sent the warranty card before that 30 days of purchase has passed. Or you can also register the product on their website.

The Beyond pro flash cure LED lamp, This lamp is what I call convenience. This lamp is perfect for those kits that you have to put gel in the tip and hold the tip to cure it at the same time or anything that you need to place on the nail that you need to hold it so it can get cured.  That's the reason I bought it because I wanted something with easy access and convenience.

Features: ( From the Kiara Sky Website)
- Portable and Lightweight
- Preset Timer 60/45 seconds
- Mini Adapter 5V1A(micro USB)
- LG Technology
- Acetone Resistant
- UV Coating
- 2 LED Curing Lightbulbs
Power: 4W Max

Input: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Output: DC5V1A
Size: 66x58x47mm

Wavelength: 400 nm 

on the videos, I try both lamps and I really like both of them. The big one feels very strong and I was feeling my fingers getting warm as well. So this is an indication that the lamp cures fast.
I hope you all enjoy this review, feel free to leave any comments. And to subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Here is the video in English

Here is the video in Spanish


MelodySussie Drill Review.

Hello Everyone!!!

Today's video is going to be a review of the MelodySussie Drill. I was looking for a better drill because I was having issues with the ones I have.  And the MelodySussie one had better reviews on Amazon than the others. I used to have a pink one very popular that a lot of people buy but the bits keep coming off while I was filing the nails and it was getting on my last nerves so I had to look for something. This one cost me $68.99 but it was worth every penny. It is very lightweight, easy to manage, is rechargeable, and you can move it anywhere.


It comes with the bits on the below pictures, and the good thing is that any bit you already have might work as well. I had ceramic ones, and others and they all fit perfectly.


It also has an attachment on the back so you can also be carried around.


And the best part is that it is rechargeable.

Watch the Unboxing and Review on my YouTube Channel.



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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Hello Everyone!

I decided to do some black matte and glossy nails and I really enjoy making them. I used Stiletto clear nail tips that I purchased from Amazon. As always you can find the list of products used in the description box of my video on YouTube.

The blue line is a nail art tape. This is was my first time using this type it was a little hard but as I continued using it turned out to be easy. It is just practice.

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 English YouTube Video

Spanish YouTube Video

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Friday, August 7, 2020

How I do my Press on Nails.

Hello Everyone!!
For this video I decided to show you guys how I do the Press on Nails and what things I used.
As always all the links for the products that I used are in the description box of my video. Here is the
set I hope you all enjoy the pictures and the video.

I used some LV Stickers, very easy to used and you don't need to encapsulate them.      
Also used a nail stand, with some blue mounting tabs.
To glue the nail into my nail bed I used some double-sided Adhesive tabs. (Nail Glue Stickers)
 The nude color is a nail gel polish from the brand Sulivan.

I hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for more videos and to leave any comment or suggestion I will be answering them.
English Video

Spanish Video