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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Fun Nails at home!

Hello Everybody,

Today's video is very easy and fun one. No need for acrylic or gel.

You can easily do this tutorial at home with gel nail polish or with regular polish.

I used some coffin tips and Gel nail polish from the brand Beetles. I bought them on Amazon.

I also used some LV Foils that were not cooperating with sticking to the foil gel. I used Not Polish Transfer Foil Gel. 

I cured the gel polish for about 60 seconds in my Kiara Sky Lamp same with the Gel transfer foil.

You can also, not cure the design and add glitter and then cure it in the lamp.

I hope you all enjoy this easy and fun nail tutorial and subscribe for more videos on my YouTube Channel.

English Video:

Spanish Video

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