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Thursday, August 20, 2020

MelodySussie Drill Review.

Hello Everyone!!!

Today's video is going to be a review of the MelodySussie Drill. I was looking for a better drill because I was having issues with the ones I have.  And the MelodySussie one had better reviews on Amazon than the others. I used to have a pink one very popular that a lot of people buy but the bits keep coming off while I was filing the nails and it was getting on my last nerves so I had to look for something. This one cost me $68.99 but it was worth every penny. It is very lightweight, easy to manage, is rechargeable, and you can move it anywhere.


It comes with the bits on the below pictures, and the good thing is that any bit you already have might work as well. I had ceramic ones, and others and they all fit perfectly.


It also has an attachment on the back so you can also be carried around.


And the best part is that it is rechargeable.

Watch the Unboxing and Review on my YouTube Channel.



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