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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mixing Acrylic Colors

Hello Everyone!

I hope Everyone is doing well.  For today's video, I show you guys how I create my own Acrylic colors and how I mix them.  On the description box of my YouTube Video, I will have the links to where you can find all the products that I used.  The pigments I used was Mica Powers. I purchase a pack of 50 in Amazon for $27.99.I love using Mica Powders because it is a very fine powder and very easy to mix together with the clear acrylic powder. The Mica powder won't let any bumps or the acrylic mix looking hard. It will blend smoothly.

This is the end result of my Acrylic Colors. I always use Clear Acrylic Powder to mix my pigments. This will preserve the pigment color. And remember to always encapsulate your acrylic colors to protect them from when you file your nails.

For This nail, I decided to do an ombre color mixing the yellow, orange and in the end, I used Classic Nude from the brand Valentino Pure Beauty.

These are the swatches of the Acrylic Powder Colors.

I selected these colors out of the 50 that I have because I was thinking about summer.
I will be doing a Nail tutorial soon using some of these colors as well.

 As always feel free to leave a comment, question, or suggestion, I will answer it back. Remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos.

Here is the Video Enjoy!

English Video

Spanish Video

Thanks For Watching.

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