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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fall Nail Tutorial #1

 Hello Everyone, 

Today I shared with you guys my first fall nail tutorial. I have fun doing this nail tutorial since it is different than my other tutorials. Why? Well, I used XXL Stilleto Tips and learned about the work that it requires doing these long nails. I hope you guys enjoy this video and subscribe for more. I shared a few tips on the video as well.


I used XXL Stiletto Tips for this nail tutorial.  I have the link to where I purchased them on my YouTube Video Description Box. 

 This decoration was not the best lol since it is hard to see the nails.. But I used Acrylic Colors that I mixed myself a while back using mica powder that I purchased from Amazon with Clear Acrylic. 

The Foil and the Foil Nail Glue is from one of my favorite website that I also listed on the description box of my Youtube Video. And the gold foils were from Nailboxy box.

The Rhinestones I purchased them at hobby lobby

The Topcoat is from Not Polish.

I used a lot of products on this XXL Stiletto tips, so make sure if you are doing this type of nails for a client you charge them well. Because this here could be a set of $100 +. Depending on your location.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, subscribe, and leave a comment. Thank you For watching and coming to 
my website.

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Tie Dye Nails

Hello Everyone,

For Today's Video, I'm doing Tie Dye Nails. This video was really easy to do. Just take your favorite gel polishes, acrylic colors, or regular polishes and get created.

For this tutorial, I used the beetle's gel polishes and their brushes as well. I first paint the nails white and then I decided to do four different designs. 

And lastly, I used a sinny top coat and cure in lamp.

I hope you guys enjoy the video, subscribe if you are not for more videos...

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

NailBoxy Mystery Bags


Hello Everyone, I hope to find you all well and great. For today's video, I'm sharing two of the Nailboxy  Mistery Bags that I order.  They were doing mystery bags with the content of previous NailBoxy subscription boxes and because I recently subscribed to a 6 months subscription I decided to give it a try and see what other products the mailbox provides or include in the boxes.

I really like all the items and will be using them in my upcoming nail tutorials. I also ordered three subscrition boxes from previous months that I will be showing you guys soon. I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe for more content. Don't forget to follow me on social media that's where I post what I'm currently filming, what is coming to the channel, and a lot of more things.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Plastic Wrap Nails


Hello Everyone!

For today's video, I show you guys how to do the Plastic Wrap nails. This is a very popular trend going on and I wanted to give it a try.


To do this design you will need the following products.

  - Nail Tips.

- Gel Builder.

- Plastic Wrap. 

- Cuticle Pusher or any tool that will do the same work.

- Mixing tray.

- Gel Polish in different colors.

 - Brush with Spatula or something to mix and apply the gel.

- Glitter, Pigments, Eye Shadows, or Chrome Powder to create effects.

- Gel Builder, Acrylic Powder Clear, Or poly Gel. One of them

to encapsulate the nail.

mix the gel builder with two drops of the gel polish of your favorite color. Put a thin layer to cover the nail and then put another layer.

Put the Plastic wrap and with the cuticle pusher create the wrinkles as you desired. Then with the paper wrap put it in your lamp for 60 seconds to cure. It is safe.

Once is cured, Repeat the process in all the nails.

Add any additionals that you want to add to your design. I added chrome powder and some gel polish with glitter.

Cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Now is your time to file all the gel that went outside of your nail tips, that touched the cuticle area or the side of your skin. DO NOT file where the wrinkles are you have to encapsulate first.

Clean with a free lens wipe. And start encapsulating the nail.

Once you encapsulate the nail, cured it in the lap for 60 seconds. Clean with a free lent wipe and put your favorite top coat. Cure again in the lap for 30 seconds depending on your topcoat.

Put some cuticle Oil and you are good to go. 

Thank you so much for watching the video, I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy creating this nail tutorial, subscribe if you are not for more videos coming, also leave any comments if you have questions I will be answering them.

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Friday, September 18, 2020

Nail Haul Video


Hello Everyone!! 

For Today's video, I'm sharing a few things I have purchased online from some favorite websites and some local beauty supplies.I hope you enjoy it and if you have any questions just leave it in the comment session. I will be using all these items in future nail tutorials so if you want to see how each of them works subscribe to my channel. I have more videos coming. 

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Watch the video in Spanish

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Green Marble with Leaves Nail Tutorial


Hello Everyone, 

For today's video I decided to do a Marble Nails with leaf stickers. I was wondering what to do with the leaf stickers and then it came to my mind to do marble nails with gel polish and it turned out great. I did used Beetles Poly gel in white as a background.

 I purchased my stickers from  Pear Glitter shop. They have good prices and really fast shipping. The stickers are super easy to put on the nail and you can't even tell they are stickers.

The gel polish I used for the marble effect is from Beetles and I purchased as a kit on Amazon.

I also used for two nails the Kiara Sky Sprinkle On Glitter and the Kiara Sky top coat no wipe.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial. If you have any questions please leave a comment I will get back at you. Also if you are not subscribed to my YouTube channel subscribe for more videos coming up. 

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Bumblebee Acrylic Powder Collections.

Hello Everyone,

For today's video, I decided to film me swatching some of the Bumblebee Acrylic Powder Collections. I have been using their acrylic powder for a few weeks and I really like how easy they are to work with and easy to blend. So, I decided to purchase some fo the collections. 

I'm missing a few collections that I don't have like, Glow in the dark, Desert Flower, Pride, Aloha, Pastels, Watercolor, Artistry Treasure Glitz Limited Edition, Diamond Divas, Precious Metals, Celestial, and Valentine's the love acrylic powder collection. I have the Diva covers the nude powder collection but totally forgot to record that one since I order that one long time ago. I didn't realize until I was putting the video together that I didn't take pictures of the Autumn Collection but you will see on the video all the colors.


I hope you enjoy this type of video. Please subscribe if you are not for more content on My YouTube Channel. Thank You for watching and for visiting my blog.

Here you can see the videos on both of My YouTube Channel.



Thursday, September 10, 2020

Cloud Nail Tutorial

 Hello Everyone,

I hope I find you all doing well, for today's video I wanted to do some Cloud Nail Tutorial. I used the ModelOnes Glitter Gel that I purchased on Amazon for this tutorial and I really like them. They come in a pack of 6 and with different colors. They have a few packs of six where you can buy different colors. Very beautiful and very shinny.

I first apply a base coat from the brand Beetles and then I starting placing the ModelOnes Glitter Gel. My main goal was to cover the entire nails with the glitter. 

Once I was happy with the placement of the product I cured in the lamp for 60 seconds.

I encapsulate with a clear gel and cure again in the lamp for another 30 seconds.

I hand file, using the electric file, and the buffer and at the end clean with a free lent wipe.

To bring that shinny back I used Kiara Sky Top Coat no wipe that came in the Nailboxy August box.

Beautiful final results. I really enjoy doing this nail tutorial. Make Sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos.  Feel free to leave a comment.

To watch the video in English:

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Nailboxy August + Nail Tutorial

 Hello Everyone!!

 For today's video, I'm going to share with you guys the Nailboxy for the month of August plus a nail tutorial I did use some of the things that came in the box. So what's NailBoxy? Nailboxy is a subscription box related only to nail products. What includes?

  • $29.99 or less monthly.
  • Free U.S Shipping.
  • 5-10 Full-Size Nail Products in each box.
  • Exclusive offers and products from different nail brands.
I have been wanting to try the Nailboxy but because they had a high demand I was unable to subscribe for a while but for the month of August they had open subscriptions so, I took advantage and subscribe for six months just to give it a try and see if I like it. I paid ahead the six months instead of paying monthly that way it is cheaper.

For the month of August, they did a collaboration with Kiara Sky and included a product from their brand. And in case you are wondering Nailboxy is a subscription from the brand RedIguana.

So this is how the box looks from inside. It also came with some coupons from KiaraSky and the gelly stamper company that also included products in the box.

Very well packed. Full-Size Products.

This is all that came in the box.

And I decided to do a nail tutorial using some of the products in the Nailboxy box.

I really enjoy this month's box, When it comes to shipping I guess it will depend on where you live because some people get their box at the beginning of the month and others like me get it by the end of the month.  If you guys see the other subscription box that I receive let me know and I will continue doing this type of video. Subscribe if you are not to my YouTube Channel for more content. I have more videos coming and if you know about any other nail subscription let me know in the comment section.

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