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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fall Nail Tutorial #1

 Hello Everyone, 

Today I shared with you guys my first fall nail tutorial. I have fun doing this nail tutorial since it is different than my other tutorials. Why? Well, I used XXL Stilleto Tips and learned about the work that it requires doing these long nails. I hope you guys enjoy this video and subscribe for more. I shared a few tips on the video as well.


I used XXL Stiletto Tips for this nail tutorial.  I have the link to where I purchased them on my YouTube Video Description Box. 

 This decoration was not the best lol since it is hard to see the nails.. But I used Acrylic Colors that I mixed myself a while back using mica powder that I purchased from Amazon with Clear Acrylic. 

The Foil and the Foil Nail Glue is from one of my favorite website that I also listed on the description box of my Youtube Video. And the gold foils were from Nailboxy box.

The Rhinestones I purchased them at hobby lobby

The Topcoat is from Not Polish.

I used a lot of products on this XXL Stiletto tips, so make sure if you are doing this type of nails for a client you charge them well. Because this here could be a set of $100 +. Depending on your location.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, subscribe, and leave a comment. Thank you For watching and coming to 
my website.

Watch Video in English.

Watch Video In Spanish.

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