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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Plastic Wrap Nails


Hello Everyone!

For today's video, I show you guys how to do the Plastic Wrap nails. This is a very popular trend going on and I wanted to give it a try.


To do this design you will need the following products.

  - Nail Tips.

- Gel Builder.

- Plastic Wrap. 

- Cuticle Pusher or any tool that will do the same work.

- Mixing tray.

- Gel Polish in different colors.

 - Brush with Spatula or something to mix and apply the gel.

- Glitter, Pigments, Eye Shadows, or Chrome Powder to create effects.

- Gel Builder, Acrylic Powder Clear, Or poly Gel. One of them

to encapsulate the nail.

mix the gel builder with two drops of the gel polish of your favorite color. Put a thin layer to cover the nail and then put another layer.

Put the Plastic wrap and with the cuticle pusher create the wrinkles as you desired. Then with the paper wrap put it in your lamp for 60 seconds to cure. It is safe.

Once is cured, Repeat the process in all the nails.

Add any additionals that you want to add to your design. I added chrome powder and some gel polish with glitter.

Cure in the lamp for 30 seconds. Now is your time to file all the gel that went outside of your nail tips, that touched the cuticle area or the side of your skin. DO NOT file where the wrinkles are you have to encapsulate first.

Clean with a free lens wipe. And start encapsulating the nail.

Once you encapsulate the nail, cured it in the lap for 60 seconds. Clean with a free lent wipe and put your favorite top coat. Cure again in the lap for 30 seconds depending on your topcoat.

Put some cuticle Oil and you are good to go. 

Thank you so much for watching the video, I hope you enjoy it. I really enjoy creating this nail tutorial, subscribe if you are not for more videos coming, also leave any comments if you have questions I will be answering them.

Watch the video in English:

Watch Video in Spanish:

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