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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Chalk Acrylic Colors (How To/ Step by Step)

Hello Everyone,

For today's video, I'm showing you guys how I mix my Chalk Acrylic Colors with acrylic. In the video, I explain step by step how to mix the chalk and what you need. I also shared details, advice, and tricks. You will need the following items

  • A few pairs of gloves.
  • Chalk (Your Preference).
  • Jars to put the mix.
  • Clear Acrylic or White Acrylic (your preference).
  • A spoon. 
  • Drill ( Use a cheap drill, that you don't care).
  • Paper Tower.


 I purchased the Non-Toxic Mungyo Soft Pastel Set of 48 Assorted Colors Square Chalk on Amazon for $9.70. And I only used half of each of them.


I used my drill to shave the chalk into the jars. The clear jars I purchased from Amazon. It comes in a pack of 12 for $9.99.


I used Clear Acrylic since I didn't have White Acrylic. I used 2 1/2 spoons of Clear acrylics. Remember the white acrylic will make the color darker while the clear acrylic will make the color clear.


Mix the Chalk and the Clear Acrylic with the drill. Please use a drill that you don't care about and don't need. Why? The Powder of the chalk will get inside your drill and it will stop working. My husband opened mine and was able to clean it and put some oils but still making noises and I'm not sure if it will work again. But using a drill it is necessary to mix the chalk with clear acrylic. I will highly recommend using a cheap drill.


Once is mix look how fine and nice looks!  


I took advantage that I was doing this to do all the colors and get it over with. It created a lot of mess, powder all over, so I decided to do all of them.


It was a lot of work. Make sure if you are doing this, to have a clean table, nothing in there only the things you will used.                 


I hope you enjoy this video, Make sure to subscribe for more.

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