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Friday, October 16, 2020

Halloween Candy Nail Tutorial

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all doing well, for today's video I wanted to do a Halloween nail tutorial but I wanted it to be more fun and colorful.

So, to start with how I created this tutorial. First I used 3 of the beetle's gel polish in the color orange, yellow, and white. Then I used a brush that I received on my Nailboxy subscription with alcohol to clean the line and have a clean direct line. Then, I quick cure in between each color for 30 seconds and once I'm done with painting the complete nail I cured it for 60 seconds.

For the middle finger, I used the same color but in Fine and extra fine glitter. I used construction gel to make the glitter stick and cure it for 30 seconds and then once the whole nail was done then I cured it for 60 seconds. I will say that next time I will prefer to use a not so fine glitter just to have the colors darker than lighter. 

Now, This amazing 3D Decoration I created with gel polish from the brand Beetles. I used Acrylic molds that I had purchased years ago and used them to create this 3D Nail Art. If you guys want me to show you how I create these 3D art let me know I will definitely do a video.

I used construction gel to make the candy glue to the nail. And cure it for 2 minutes and once done I added the topcoat and cure again for 1 minute.

I hope you all enjoy this Halloween nail tutorial. I really enjoy doing these nails. Thank you so much for watching and if you are not subscribed to my YouTube Channel please subscribe so you don't miss my videos.

English Video

Spanish Video

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