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Friday, November 13, 2020

Rossi Nails Glam Your Nails Secret Mystery Box.

 Hello everyone!

For Today's video, we try the Glam your nails Secret Mystery Box by Rossi Nails.

This Secret Mystery Box Contain all you need to do Dip Powder Nails. With Salon Quality products that will last up to 3 weeks.

The Mystery box comes with One Basecoat, One Activator, One Top Coat, and Dip Powder in the color Merlot. 

Step To follow:

- Buffer your natural nail or your nail tip.
- Apply one coat of the Base Gel. try not to put too much just enough to cover
the entire nails. If you put a lot it can run.
- Dip your nail into the powder.
- Tap the excess of the powder from the nail.
- Repeat the process in all of the nails.
- If the Powder didn't cover the full nail on the first try you can try to repeat the process again 
with the base coat and the dip powder.
-If you try it for the second time make sure you have a liquid to clean your brush
between each nails because you can't dip the brush back into the base coat with all the powder because it could harder the brush and it won't work again.
- Let it dry for around 10 minutes. You can try by touching and see if it is dry.
- Once it dries you will give a generous amount of the activator on each nail and wait until it dries again. Approximate like 10 minutes.
- Once it all dries then you apply your topcoat. 
- Let the topcoat dries and applies cuticle oil.

This was my first time trying dip powder and I have to admit I was surprised. Surprised because they turn out so great for me being a beginner with dip powder. Honestly, the nails didn't need a second coat of the dip powder because the first time it covered all the nail. I was surprised at how easy it was to do and how good quality are the products.

In the video also you will see that I used my drill and my nail file. I wanted to show this on my video because a lot of people say that drills can't be used because it takes all the powder away. Well, that was a lie, on the video, you will see that it was necessary to seal that cuticle area and leave the nails perfectly as you see in the picture below. I highly recommend this dip powder system.

Thank you for reading my blog, Thank you for watching my videos!! Leave any comment I will be answering all of them.

Watch the Video in English

Watch the video in Spanish.

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