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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Christmas Gonk With Poly Gel.

 Hello everyone!

 I'm sharing this Christmas nail tutorial. I decided to do some Candy Cane, glitter, and a Gonk.

Before this video, I didn't know what a gonk was until I research it. According to google

 " Noun. gonk (plural gonks) A small furry toy like an ersatz teddy bear, popularized in wartime when production of real teddies stops. A stupid, ignorant, and/or boorish person. (New Zealand, military, slang) Asleep; a nap".Gonks are inspired by gnomes and hobgoblins found in Scandinavian and Nordic mythology. ... An old Nordic tradition involves leaving out a bowl of porridge during the winter solstice, so that the gonk may feast and join in the festivities.

So, I decided to use only poly gel to do this nail tutorial. I used a variety of brands from Gel Polish like Beetles, Morvan, Polimer Gel, and AcryGel. I also used another brand for the colorful poly gel and it was great and it blended fantastically. I have to say my favorites are Beetles, Moravan, and the other colorful brand. The AcryGel from Walmart was hard to blend, the polymer gel from amazon leaves like some bubbles in the nails and the other one from amazon that I try didn't even come out of the bottle. I don't think I added to the video but I will do a story on Instagram about it.

The glitter looks perfect. While doing these nails I realized that I can also do the half-smile with the Poly Gel in nude color and it looks great. As long as the poly gel is blendable like the brand Bettles and Moravan you can create a lot of things with poly gel.

This video was added to my new series of Poly Gel. Make sure you check my Youtube Channel and subscribe for more.

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