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Friday, December 11, 2020

Christmas Nail Art | Red Glitter Nails with Mesh Foils.

Hello Everyone, 

For Today's nail tutorial I wanted to share this beautiful Christmas red glitter nail tutorial with mesh foils. Very easy to do and I explain step by step.

Products I used to archive this look.

- Medium Tips Stilettos.
- ModelOnes Shiny Glitter Gel.
-Mesh Foils.
-Red Foils.
- Not Polish Top Coat.
- Dear Charm.
- Builder Gel.

This nail art was very easy, the only part that was a little hard was gluing the mesh foil into the nail. I try to use glue but didn't work as well. So I end up using a builder gel and holding the foil mesh with a clip that is used for Poly Gel to hold down the mesh foil in order to cure it. I cure it for 1 minute.

I hope you enjoy the video, It is on my youtube channel step by step.

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Watch the video in English

Watch the Video In Spanish

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