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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Christmas Nails

Hello Everyone, 

Today I started my Christmas Nails Tutorials! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial it was very easy to do and I explain step by step on the video how to 

archive this design. 

I used only gel polish from the brand Beetles. I use the base coat from the same brand.
So I started with some medium square tips and did a thin base coat of the Beetles base foundation and paint the rest of the nails.

Then, I use a top coat to add the snowflakes in gold and white. I used a snow globe sticker and added the base part with some black gel paint from the brand Red Iguana. On the same nail, I added Sprinkle on glitter in snow cone from the brand Kiara Sky. And use the topcoat from the brand Not Polish. 

The Big Ornaments Sticker is from the Hobby Lobby Christmas section and it is in 3D.  Of course, I had to encapsulate this sticker but at the same time, I used a clip that is for Poly Gel and it worked great.
The clip is super important because it will hold down the sticker while it cures and then I repeat the same step in the other side. Now, because I used the clip it will leave a line because is the clip dent that created while curing.  Then, I used a hand file to file the sides and my drill to file the encapsulation and the lines. And this created a perfect surface and very hard to tell it is an ornament sticker.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial.. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more videos!!

Watch the Video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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