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Monday, December 14, 2020

ModelOnes Acrylics.Santa Claus Nails | 3d Poly Gel Santa.

 Hello everyone,

For today's video, I want to share this beautiful Christmas nail tutorial with you guys. I also would like to give a big shoutout to ModelOnes for the support and the opportunity of been part of their brand. Modelone sent me a few of their acrylic powders and a poly gel kit as well for me to try, so you guys see these videos coming soon.

So, To start describing this nail tutorial, let's start with the products. 

- Medium size tips coffin nails.
- ModelOnes Acrylic Powder in red #32 I'm bossy.
- Model One Acrylic Powder clear with white glitter.
- Model One Acrylic Liquid Monomer.
- Model One Glue Gel.
- White Gel Paint.
- Libra Lab Liner Brush.
- White and Red Poly Gel
-Not Polish top Coat.

One, curious thing that I have never try and was inspired to try was using Poly Gel as a 3D.
Because Poly Gel is perfect since you can work it around as you want and move it and then cure it when you are happy. So I highly recommend trying 3D with Poly Gel.

I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you are not for more video content coming.

To Watch Video in English

To Watch Video in Spanish

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