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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Snowman Nail Tutorial With ModelOnes Acrylics.

Hello Everyone! 
Welcome back, For today's nail tutorial I'm sharing a snowman design and some nail art. First of all, a huge thank you to ModelOnes for providing the products for this nail tutorial, they were kind enough to send me out three kits 2 of them acrylic and one in Poly Gel that I will be reviewing soon on my YouTube Channel. 

This kit came with five acrylic powders but I only used two for this set.  I also used some snow flakes that I purchased from another website and of course some colorful polygel for the snowman. I also have a video on my Youtube Channel showing you guys step by step how to do this snowman.

During this nail tutorial, you guys will be able to see on the video how I struggle with some of the acrylic brushes I try to use. I didn't use the brush that came with the kit because it was not a good quality you will be able to see in the video how the bristles started to lose the colors. Then I used another acrylic brush and this was is 100% kolinsky per the website where I purchased but it was a disaster as well. So I end up using the Not Polish #11 that came in the mystery box that it is 100% Kolinsky and it worked amazing.

I hope you enjoy this nail tutorial, subscribe for more..

Watch  English Video

Watch Spanish Video 

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