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Friday, December 25, 2020

Testing PolyGel kit de ModelOnes.

 Hello Everyone!! 

In today's video, we try the ModelOne Poly Gel Kit. They were so kind enough to send me this kit for me to try it. The kit comes with a mini UV lamp, Slip solution, top coat, base coat, glitter, rhinestones, pink polygel, clear polygel, polygel brush with a spatula, and a nail file. Everything you will need to do polygel nails.

I really enjoy working with this kit. The lamp cures quickly the poly gel and it works fantastic and the poly gel is very easy to blend. I see using this poly gel and some of the products on other nail tutorials.

This is the look I did,  this will be the final Christmas nail tutorial for my channel. I will start doing the party nails and more videos. Don't forget to subscribe for more videos!!

See the video in English

See the video in Spanish

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