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Monday, January 4, 2021

Gray Nails. With Gel Polish. For Beginners.

 Hello Everyone!!

Today's video is going to be a very easy one. All you will need is your favorite gel polish or your normal nail polish. I decided to use the color gray since it's very trendy the gray nails at this moment.

I used the gray color from the Bettles brand. I paint some nails halfway and others completely in the color gray. 

In some of the nails, I used silver foils and in the big finger, I use silver glitter.

All the big decoration is from Amazon it came in a bag of 43 pieces.

I used Kiara Sky Cuticle Oil and Not Polish Gossin it top coat.

I hope you have enjoyed the nail tutorial, Subscribe for more videos!! 

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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