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Thursday, January 28, 2021

iMethod Gel Nail Polish Review.

Hello everyone!

For today's video, I try the Method Gel Nail Polish from amazon. The company reached out to me to try their gel nail polishes. I was so excited since I don't have a lot of Gel Polishes. I have never heard from the company so I did some research and they have social media and also have their own store on amazon. They also have a full website where they sell makeup and nail products.

I decided to try each of them to see how they performed. So the kit comes with six Nail polishes.
And on the video, I show how one coat it was enough to cover the nail. The only one that I suggested to give it two coats was the white pearly one. But they are highly pigmented. 

I decided to use fo the nail tutorial only the ones that can be used for a valentine's nail tutorial. I will be trying the other colors during another season.

I also decided to do some sweater effect but I forgot to put the matte topcoat first but it is hard to tell lol. I also used some valentine foils in the other nails.

I hope you enjoy this nail tutorial, Don't forget to check out the videos on my YouTube Channel. And Subscribe if you are not so you don't miss any video.

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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