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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Kiara Sky Acrylic Kit Review. Valentine Day's Nails.

 Hello everyone, 

I hope you all are doing well. For today's nail tutorial I'm sharing with you guys the Acrylic line from Kiara Sky. A few days ago I shared with you guys a Haul video where I show you guys the bundle I purchased from Kiara Sky that included acrylic powder, monomer, files, buffer, and the topcoat.

Here is the video if you haven't watched it yet.

So I used the acrylic powder in the color Love Note (Red) and the Chai - Spice Late ( Nude Color).  I also used the Kiara Sky Monomer, the topcoat no wipe, buffers, file, and the cuticle oil all from the same brand.

For the roses, I used Acrylic Molds. Yes, this is an amazing way of doing acrylic 3D art. It saves time and if you are a beginner with 3D art this will be great. You only have to let it dry and once is done remove it from the mold and put it on the nail with gel, glue, acrylic, or any other type of method that can work. You can also do this with gel polish and cure it under the lamp for 60 minutes.

I decided to do two looks. One with bling and glossy and another one without the bling.

The other look I decided to do was more turn down with no that much bling. I really love this one more because the roses are not glossy are more matte.

Which one you like more?

I used the brand Not Polish topcoat Glossi-it.

I hope you enjoy this Nail Art tutorial!! subscribe to my channel for more videos!

Watch the video in English

Watch the Video in Spanish

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