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Monday, January 18, 2021

Makartt QikGel Nude Nail Building Gel

 Hello everyone, 

For today's video, I try the Makartt Qikgel Nail Building Gel Nail Extension Gel kit from amazon. And I also did Valentine's day look.

Trying this kit was interesting and not as easy as a lot of other people make it see on YouTube. So for this nail tutorial you get a full honest review of how the product performer and the quality. Let's go into details.

- The Builder Gel is not self-level so it makes it hard to move around. Is not like any other builder gel that it will self-level and make it easy to build that extension.

- In the video, I try 4 techniques on applying the gel and only one worked okay but still was not a perfect application.

- As you apply the gel with the tip of the tub and use the tip to move it around you will create those lines going back and forward which means you will have to file a lot to leave it like the picture.

-  When I try each tube color on the video you can see that a lot of transparent colors came out and then the color. In the color lemonade, I had to try 4 times for the color to come out.

- The colors were not accurate some of them looked more like pink shades but after curing them they starting to look nude.

- I decided to use a Matte topcoat.

- I used some heart stickers that I purchased at Hobby Lobby to place on the nail and then I went over with red and white gel polish with a makeup sponge so once I cure it I will have the shape of the heart.

- I cure them for 60 seconds and removed the heart stickers.

- And they left a nice design. For the big finger, I used bigger heart stickers.

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