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Monday, February 15, 2021

ROSALIND Poly Nail Gel Kit from Amazon

 Hello everyone!

For today's video, I try the Rosalind Poly Nail Gel Kit Lilac Purple Clear Pink Chunky Glitter Poly Nail Gel Nail Builder Gel Extension Nail Gel Poly 6 Colors Tubes kit for Nails Beginner DIY Nail Art at Home from amazon.

I purchase a few kits from amazon, the video is on my channel showing the different kits I purchased. And this one was one of them.

It came with beautiful solid colors and glitter colors also. I really loved the glitter ones. This polygel is a little bit harder but it was easy to manage. You will need to apply little force and padding motions to blend it.

I also used carving gel from a kit I purchased on Amazon to do the petals in pink and added some caviar beads in silver colors. The confetti mix of hearts is from Walmart and the other ones are from Michael's and hobby lobby.

I hope you guys enjoy this video, subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos!! 

Watch the video in English

watch the video in Spanish

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