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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Saviland Poly Gel Kit From Amazon.

 Hello Everyone! 

For today's video, I'm trying a polygel kit from the brand Saviland. I purchased this kit from Amazon. It has 12 beautiful tubes of polygel, a combination of neon colors, pastels, and glitter colors. The only thing you will get is the polygel tubes nothing else and the cost is $36.99.

I have to say that this kit has a variety of options and you can do a lot of designs with all these colors. I will be definitely doing more nail tutorials using this kit.

So for the video, I decided to use the tubes that the colors are more towards valentine's day. Which were these two colors. Solid pink color and the glitter pink color.

I loved the way it turns out. I also used carving gel for the first time to do the white flower. I know it's not perfect but I will keep practicing until I get the trick. But I really loved the carving gel, so many things can be done with this gel.

I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, feel free to leave any comment if you have any question.
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Watch the Spanish Video

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