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Friday, February 5, 2021

Valentine's Nail Tutorial With iMethod Gel Polishes.

Hello Everyone,

Today's video is going to be a gel polish nail tutorial using iMethod Beauty gel polishes. They were so kind enough to send me another of their amazing kit. So, this kit contains six beautiful colors from darker reds to lighter white and pearly colors. Also, have 2 colors with glitters.

So, for this nail tutorial, I decided to do a valentine look inspired by the sweater nail trend that was going on during christmas.

So I only used the red color from the kit. To paint the nails and the hearts.

I also used matte-it from Not Polish and a colorful tape from Hobby Lobby to do the bow.

Using the tape as bow was easy the only part that took a while was to put it together. I recommend using a flash curing light and gel to archive this look.

Here are some tips:

1-If you don't have a liner brush to draw the hearts you can use an orange stick, a pencil, 
or a makeup liner brush.
2- If you don't have this type of tape you can use gift tape, or create your own with gel polish.

This tutorial was easy and quick to do. The only thing I wish I could have changed was doing the bow nail matt as well but for some reason I forgot.

I hope all of you enjoy this tutorial and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos.

             English Video

Spanish Video

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