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Friday, March 19, 2021

BackYard Flowers Nail Tutorial


Hello Everyone,

 For today's video, I did something different. I went to my backyard before it was cut and grab some flowers. In the video, I take you to my backyard through this process.

I used the Red Iguana hand and XXL Stilleto Tips that I cut the tips a little.

I selected different flowers from my patio and use acrylic to make them stick on my nails but before that, I cut the little attach of the flowers. While placing the flowers in the nails with clear acrylic the colors were getting more pastel and some of them lose the colors a little. If you want to prevent this then you will have to use food coloring in your fresh flowers and let them dry then put them on a book page for a few day so they dry with he color and then you can use them and the color will still intact.

I also used some Young Nails Dark Purple and clear purple for the hombre and some white acrylic for the 3D flowers. I have to admit this was y first time trying 3D and I really enjoy It. I think practice makes things better so, I will have to keep practicing. I used some caviar beads for the center of my flowers and petals.

And finish the look with some Young Nail top coat. I hope you all enjoy this nail tutorial. Subscribe for more videos coming up!

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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