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Sunday, March 14, 2021

DIY Animate Nails

Hello Everyone!

For today's video, I did some DIY animate nails. I had so much fun doing these nails. 

List Of Products

- Animated Stickers from
- Blue String Walmart.
- Crown from
- Blue Diamonds Amazon.
- Shimmer Top Coat from Liza Kon
-Glossing it top Coat from Not Polish.
-White Acrylic from Young Nails.
-White Glitter Acrylic Young Nals.
- Clear Acrylic Young Nails.
- Square Tips from theadditudeshop
- Glue Gel is from Glitz Accessories and Such

This nail tutorial was easy to create the only part that took longer to do was to attach the string to the nails but the flash curing light and the glue gel made it easier to get it done.

Now, remember you can do this with gel polish as well and to attach the string you can also use nail glue or any type of glue.

I hope you enjoy this nail tutorial and don't forget to subscribe for more videos.
if you have a question or suggestion leave them in the comment section I will be answering them.

Watch the video In English

Watch the video Spanish

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