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Friday, May 14, 2021

Classic French Nails with $3.99 Acrylic Kit From Kiss Nails.


Hello Everybody!

For today's video, I'm sharing a simple, classy, and easy acrylic french nail tutorial. I went to Dollar General and found this Kiss Nail kit for $3.99.

The kit comes with the white half tips, clear acrylic jar, brush, and acrylic monomer. The brush is very cheap and I decided not to use it because it will have been a waste of time. The kit was very simple and I guess it was more towards the people who already have everything else that you might need for acrylic nails. 

The kit didn't have the essentials like a nail file, primer, topcoat, or a pink acrylic powder. So I had to do this nail tutorial with only clear acrylic powder. I honestly have to say that the acrylic powder dried really fast and I had to work really fast but it was manageable. These nails turn out looking good. Now, I have to say that the white tips were really wide for my like.

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Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish.

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