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Saturday, May 29, 2021

How to: Candy Nails

 Hello everyone!

For today's video, I'm showing you guys different ways to do candy nails. For this video, I used puffy stickers, Candy did with Gel Polish using an acrylic mold, and other candy that I have purchased from the store Hobby Lobby which is hard plastic.

First I started with Long Square full coverage tips. Then I used a beautiful Pink Acrylic powder from my local supply store that cost me around $3.99.

Then I waited for the acrylic to almost dry and apply the glitter mix using a little amount of clear acrylic to make the glitter adhere to the nail. Then I started encapsulating with clear acrylic powder. 

I used puffy stickers from Michael's store and use a condense gel to make them stay longer in the nail and cured in the lamp for 60 seconds.

All the other decoration was secured by the same condense glue gel. If you don't have this condense glue gel you can definitely used construction gel which pretty much is the same thing.

Cure all in the lamp for 60 seconds. Then select your thickest top coat, so you can blend in the construction gel with the top cot in the nail tip.

Cure in the lamp for 60 seconds to 2 minutes to secure everything. Apply cuticle oil and you are done.

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  Watch the video in English.

Watch the video in Spanish.

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