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Monday, July 26, 2021

Beach Nail Tutorial. Step by Step. * Summer Nails*

Hello everyone,

Welcome back, for today's video I'm doing a summer nail tutorial.

For this video, I used 2XXl Stiletto Nail Tips Full Coverage.

I used two different Jelly Gel polishes brands to archive the ocean water look and Young Nails Acrylic Powder in color Cover Earth. For the water part what I did was I used a snow spray that I purchased in Dollar Three and stick it to the nail with base gel and cure it in the lamp for 60 seconds. After that, I used a white gel polish to go over and it left a nice structure imitating the ocean waves.

To adhere to the Algae I used a condensed glue gel and stick the Algae to the nail and use plastic to put pressure down and at the same time, I cure it in the lap for 30 seconds. I repeat the same process with the red fishstar.

I also used different stickers for the nails. 

For the middle finger, I did full acrylic powder and use the condense gel in lines to adhere to the sand and cure in the lamp for 60 seconds. On the pinky nail, I use a different mix of fine sand that was already mixed with clear acrylic powder and covered the whole tip. I also used the condense glue gel to adhere to the turtle. 

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Watch The Video in English

Watch the Video in Spanish 

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