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Monday, July 19, 2021

Red Iguana New AcryGel and Gel Builder.


Hello everyone, Welcome back.

For today's video, I asked you guys on Instagram if you guys would like a tutorial using the new Red Iguana products they launched last week and the majority of the participants in the poll question said yes. So I decided to record it. Red Iguana launched a few products from Top Coat, Acrygels in different colors, gel builders, and much more but I only purchased two Acrygels and one gel builder. I wanted to give them a try since I don't own any red Iguana products unless are included on any Nailboxy subscription box that I have received. 

So, I decided to purchase the Acrygel in light nude and the milky white in 5g each, and I also purchased the Gel Builder in color milky white.

So here is some feedback.

- The Acrygel had a thick consistency. If we compare it to Polygel then it will be of a more hard consistency but we all know that Acrygel and Polygel are different from each other. Polygel is more smooth in my opinion.

- I wish the Acrygel colors were more intense like I love nude colors in the more nude side than pink and the color that I purchased was light nude but it was more of a lighter pink like a salmon color.

- On the video after curing the Acrygel for 60 seconds you can see how light it was, so to build that intense color you will need to do 2 coats.

- You can use slip solution, Alcohol 91%, or a gell base solution to blend the Acrygel. 

- It is manageable but if you are a beginner it could take a little practice.

- The Gel builder in color milky white was just perfect. Very easy to use, super beginner-friendly, and will recommend 100%. If you are new with gel builders this one from Red Iguana could be your best friend from creating a tip with forms to even used it as a foundation to replace acrylics. In the video, I showed how easy was to use.

Because the Acrygel colors were so clear for my taste I decided to use a gel polish that came in my July Nailboxy from the brand Water World. I also used some water stickers and finish the look with Born Pretty Super Top Coat. 

I hope you guys enjoy this video, don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you don't miss any new videos.

Watch the video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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