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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Sea Nail Tutorial!!

Hello Everyone! Welcome back! 

For today's video, I'm sharing a new nail tutorial using real sand. I have two kinds of sand have one that is finer and another one that is little rocks. 

I used long XL square tips full coverage and apply a thin layer of clear acrylic to add the sand and in other ones, I added the sand with the clear acrylic. I really don't recommend using clear acrylic to add the sand because it can turn out more bulky of a nail.

What I recommend is just applying a thin layer of acrylic and then throw the sand in the tip and it will adhere very nicely and it will not be bulky. And after that just wait until it dries and then encapsulate with a clear acrylic podwer. 

Then I used iMethod beauty gel polishes to create the seawater. I used blue and white colors. I also used some stickers from websites. And also some flowers to give it a different color. I believe that the nail with all the sand turned out a little bucky but I did file a lot I believe it was the way that I applied the sand with the acrylic but I will do another video trying this nail again to see if it turns out to be thinner. 

I added some gold decoration, and finish with a iMethod top coat. I hope you all enjoy this video, if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comment section. I will be answering them.
Thanks for watching don't forget to watch the video on my YouTube.

Watch Video in English

Watch the video in Spanish

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