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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Miltary Nail Tutorial

 Hello Everyone!

For Veteran's day I did this beautiful nails. It was very easy and you don' t need a lot. So let's get start.

So, I used Coffin log tips, the ones you glue on your nail with base gel. This one will last 21 days or more it all depends how you take care of your nails.

The Military pattern is a foil that I purchased from a nail store at Etsy named  Flirty Nail Design at a very affordable price and it came with other military pattern. Of course I used foil glue and cure it for 30 seconds and then rubbed the foil until it all sticked to the nail tip. To protect the foil I put top coat on top of it.

I also added some butterflies in some of the fingers. The stickers are from Shein. The Rhinestones are my favorite color and you can find them on Amazon.And to finish I used a top coat to seal everything again. And added cuticle oil.

I hope you all enjoy this video, If you want to see step by step this design don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, there I explained all the process. Thanks for coming to my blog, leave your comments in the comment section.

Watch the Video in English

Watch the Video in Spanish

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