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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Madam Glam PR Kit


Hello Everyone!! 

So excited that I received a PR kit from the brand Madam Glam. I have been looking at their gel polishes and their videos and I have been wanting to try the gel polishes for a while now. So when they reached out I scream and I was excited just like a little girl lol. 

So they send me this amazing kit with three gel polishes and a base coat and a top coat. So many nail designs I can do with the colors. But I was going to a meeting so I had to do something kind of serious and clean for my meeting. So I decided to go with the XOXO color and perfect red color. I used short almond full coverage tips

The quality of the gel polishes was amazing, pretty much everything you hear about people bragging about the brand is true. I'm looking forward to using the other color as well soon. Madam Glam also provided a discount code for you guys so make sure you check out my video on my YouTube Channel for the discount code.

Check my YouTube Video :

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Voxury Gel Polishes by RosalindaOfficial

Hello Everyone!

The brand Rosalinda Official reached out and send me some gel polishes from Voxury to share with you guys. I have to say I was surprised by the number of gel polishes I received. These gel polishes can be purchased at Amazon and the kit comes in 12 colors. They sell different kids in different colors at a very affordable price. 

For the tutorial, I used short almond tips which have lately been one of my favorites. The kit comes with 12 gel polishes all beautiful glittery colors. It was very hard to select 2 for this tutorial. 

In the video, I do swatches of every color. So I decided to use two colors one pink and the other one in nude color. I cured them for 60 seconds in the lamp, after that I used a foil glue gel and add some designer stickers. And to finish the look I used one of my favorite top coats. This nail set was so easy to do and didn't take that long to archived. 

Don't forget to check the video on my youtube channel so you can see step-by-step how I archived this look.

thank you! 

Summer Nails with Born Pretty!

 Hello Everyone!!! 

Welcome back!! 

So, a few weeks ago I recorded a video on my YouTube Channel. It was a PR video for Born Pretty and I did some summer nails.  So here are the pictures.

I used long square nail full coverage tips and some new bright summer colors from Born Pretty and mix them together with a dotting tool to create that marble effect.

Then I trace lines in metal color with a Metalic gel from Born Pretty. 

I added some bright rhinestones and finish the look with Born Pretty Super Top Coat.

To watch the full video visit my YouTube Channel